3 Steps to Smart Watering

Step 1 - Evaluate

We start by discussing smart watering methods custom built around each client and property; we have discovered water conservation is not a one size fits all. We continue with a complete assessment of landscape and soil characteristics, controller, irrigation capabilities, efficiency, and performance. The information collected from the evaluation will be used to create a status report and a retrofit plan to correct any inefficiencies in the system. After improving irrigation performance and efficiency in the system and smart technology installed a more efficient irrigation schedule can now be created. Smart irrigation is water conservation through technology. It calculates the science of plant watering needs, soil compositions, irrigation effectiveness and the effects of weather to precisely automate the best watering schedule for your landscape.

Step 2 - Technology Implementation

We only recommend and decide what manufacture products to use for smart systems after a landscape and irrigation system evaluation. We work with the leading manufactures in irrigation technology to find the proper selection for you. There is no one product that works best for every application. Our interest is to provide you with the best fit to maximize your water savings.

Step 3 - Active Water Management

Do not install it and forget it. Water conservation requires a continual commitment to keep an optimum system intact and provide qualified personnel to maintain it. Certified in Irrigation Auditing, Water and Landscape Management we have experienced and are qualified to help you maximize your water conservation efforts. To keep your irrigation working at peak performance, we offer smart irrigation service plans that best fit each specific property and client. Our water management service plans can include spring system start up, irrigation maintenance check-ups, leak detection, performance tune ups, repairs, and winterizations. We can even remotely manage your smart controller for added convenience. Smart Irrigation is smart, but we keep it working it’s smartest.