Irrigation Conservation Consulting

An irrigation consultation with a certified water manager is an excellent way to understand the water needs of your landscape. During the consultation, areas of interest or questions such as how much water your landscape needs can be addressed. Maybe you’re planning a new landscape and would like to know a total water requirement. Whether new or an establish landscape we can help you determine the ideal water use for your landscape. We call that a landscape water allocation or water budget. Our consultations revolve around your questions and concerns. We will present you with customized options and solutions fitted for your specific project. 

Not all landscapes are the same, all differ in location, size, type of plants, and function. All these variables can make it challenging to quantify a water budget. Landscape water management is an applied science and our certified water managers are qualified to help you determine the best solutions for your water conservation efforts. In other words, we can calculate your landscape’s water footprint. By knowing your water budget and managing it, you eliminate the waste of time and money that happens when the landscape is overwatered.   

Focal Point Smart Irrigation can evaluate, operate, manage and improve landscape irrigation systems to achieve the highest level of water conservation possible. We will….

  • Evaluate site conditions and determine water availability and use requirement. 
  • Have working knowledge of general irrigation theory, including hydraulics, soil-plant-water relationships, water requirements and electricity principles.
  • Understand irrigation equipment selection, use, restrictions and installation methods.
  • Identify and implement system upgrades and modifications and manage the control system to provide the most efficient irrigation possible.
  • Provide direction to the end user on system use, scheduling, maintenance and water conservation.