Residential Efficiency Evaluations

A visual inspection by a certified irrigation auditor that ensures the condition and proper functioning of
the irrigation system. Some of the most common issues found in irrigation systems.


  • Overwatering watering schedules
  • No reference irrigation mapping or runtime charts information
  • No back up battery for time and date memory retention
  • Controller panel and circuit board electrical issues
  • No smart controller for automated weather-based watering adjustments


  • Faulty wiring
  • Valves not opening or closing
  • Leaks 
  • Burn out solenoids
  • Unmaintained valve enclosure filled up with soil or root intrusion


  • Incorrect water output creating uneven watering 
  • Coverage issues – incorrect spacing and incorrect nozzle size 
  • Broken, leaking, damaged components
  • Tilted or sunken sprinklers 
  • Overgrown plant/grass interference around sprinklers
  • Misaligned spray overwatering unwanted area


  • Clogged emitters
  • Clogged filtration 
  • No auto flushing valves installed
  • Kinked lines, broken emitters, leaks

Other general site observations will be noted such as landscape attributes, point of connection, water pressure, estimate soil type, and a checkup for improper design or installation issues that could affect

proper operation. Our evaluation is an overview of how efficient the system is performing and to note priority repairs or upgrades than can be done to save water.


Addressing inefficient issues of the irrigation system can benefit you by:

  • Save money – by using less water and prevent costly problems over time.
  • Save on your annual irrigation bill – Watering appropriately will reduce stress on the city’s pressurized irrigation system thus keeping water costs down.
  • Save property – Unchecked sprinklers can water unintended areas and create water damage to sidewalks, driveways, structures and other property.
  • Less weeds means less herbicides – Weeds love overwatering, and you may reduce herbicide use and have a healthier landscape, spend less money on weed control.
  • Convenience – Smart irrigation makes it easier to save water, intuitive smart controller functions for simpler irrigation adjustments, you can know what is going on with your watering anywhere any time from your phone or tablet.
  • Save you time – Proper irrigation saves time in the landscape maintenance when plants receive the right amount of water it makes landscape care easier, there is less overgrowth, weeds, plant diseases, pests and more.

Take control of your irrigation system today!

Your irrigation system is your home’s most water-consuming equipment and it is imperative that it gets checked and serviced. We are committed to water conservation, if you are looking for a company to help you save water in the landscape, you have found it.

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