Smart Controller Installation and Programming in Nampa, ID

Have us install your new smart controller. We will inspect your current system and recommend the most appropriate controller brand based on your irrigation system needs. Not all smart controllers are the same. In order to obtain the best results, it is important that the right controller is selected and programmed based on the landscape attributes. Equally important is the easiness of the smart controller to understand and operate.

We make it easy to figure out which one is right for you.

We know smart irrigation technology and we work with all the leading smart irrigation brands to provide you with the best solution for your irrigation system.

Why you need a smart controller?

1. Water and money savings – Weather based smart controllers make daily water run time adjustments to the irrigation schedule. It connects to the internet to access weather data that helps it adjust your irrigation schedule to save water. During the hottest days it will auto adjust to water more and when the weather is cool it waters less. Weather based irrigation scheduling saves water and less water wasted, saves you money.

2. Convenience – It allows you to use your mobile device or desktop to program and monitor your watering schedule. It’s convenient not needing to be in front of the controller to adjust or wait around and pay your irrigation service provider to make extra changes. Smart controllers have the latest weather data downloaded from the internet to make the adjustments for you. A smart controller can save you time and money.

3. Plant Health – Over watering is wasteful and it contributes to many plant diseases and weeds. Watering correctly and at the right time can keep your landscape healthy and thriving. Save money on herbicides and landscape maintenance time.

4. Eco-friendly – When we water the right amount, we do our part to not waste a precious limited resource. We also contribute to reducing stress and energy use for the city’s pressurized irrigation system. We help the environment and keep our water costs down.

Call today for a complimentary consultation to learn how a smart controller can help you save 20-50% of your landscape water use.

Smart Sensors Intergration

When more water control is required, the solution is to install; flow monitoring, soil moister, and rain sensors. Smart Irrigation systems use sensors to track water use and provide analytics to improve water management.  

Flow Sensors

Flow sensors detect where water is being used and how much, which are useful for leak detection. If at any time a pipe breaks in the system, the flow sensor signals to the controller and the controller turns off the system to stop the leak. At the same time a leak notification is sent to the end user. In some cases, an undetected water leak can be catastrophic and may cause a lot of damage. Flow sensors provide excellent water use metrics and lessen the risk of leak damage. 

Soil Sensors

Soil Sensors are used in soil-moister based smart irrigation systems. These are buried within the root zone of turf, trees, and shrubs to transmit accurate moister level readings back to the controller. The controller then adjusts the runtimes watering schedule as needed.

Rain Sensors

Rain sensors are also a water saving integration. Instead of having to go to turn off the controller manually during a rain event, the rain sensor will automatically suspend the irrigation cycle and not water. No more watering in the rain or remembering to turn off your controller. How convenient is that!

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