Irrigation Maintenance Plans

From the time your system is re-activated in the spring, until winterization in the fall, there can be dramatic fluctuations in temperature and moisture. 

In order to get the most benefit from your system and utilize the proper amount of water for your landscape, constant monitoring must be kept along with addressing adjustments in a timely manner. 

Benefits include

  • Minimize water waste 
  • Improve landscape health
  • Weed and herbicide reduction
  • Professionally maintained irrigation system
  • Identify potential issues before they happen 

A comprehensive report will follow with each visit detailing the current status of the irrigation system.

How the plans work

Between system activation and shut down services. Additional system checks to your property are scheduled based on the plan you select. Our Essential plan offers the basics, an activation visit in spring and a shutdown visit in the Fall. The Optimized plan is designed for the hottest months, you will receive two seasonal checks starting in June with last visit in late July. With our upgraded Precision plan, you will receive four seasonal checks starting in June and last visit in September. This plan enhances water conservation through added monitoring and managing of your smart controller’s advanced water management features. 

With each system check we will perform

  • Controller programming- Adjusted for proper seasonal watering 
  • Check performance and adjust sprinklers- Maintain proper coverage and distribution
  • Check for clogged sprinklers and flush as necessary- Reduce dry spots or dead plants
  • Check valves and filter flush as necessary- Maintain proper system pressure 
  • System status report- Reduce unexpected irrigation problems

With every system check we perform a full detail system inspection to ensure there are no other problems affecting proper watering. 

Have your irrigation system working at peak performance with one of our maintenance plans. All our plans ensure your irrigation system will be inspected and calibrated for water conservation. Your irrigation system performance and efficiency are our focal point.

Other services provided:

  • Sprinkler Repairs
  • Irrigation Zone Re-trofits
  • Irrigation Leak Detection
  • Electrical Troubleshoot